It happens only too often that English is translated into literary German regardless of the author’s intentions - we do things differently.

Target groups are being reached, the language remains authentic, images conjured up in the reader’s mind are not lost.

Our credo: translations in the true sense of the word.

  • conjur up original images in readers’ minds
  • authentic language
  • stick to same target group


We tend to do mostly fiction but have also been known to do the odd art book.


Feel free to contact us:

Ingo Wagener

Marienplatz 11, 83512 Wasserburg am Inn, Germany

email: ingo@german-connection.org

tel.: +49 175 567 4183


To list all translated works would go beyond the scope of this small webpage but below are a few covers to give you an idea.

The entire “The Walking Dead” series for the Heyne publishing house:

An art catalogue for the Albertina in Vienna.

A number of authors for the btb publishing house:

And a number of art books apart from art catalogues: